Chalcedony Briolette Necklace

£ 280.00
This is a blue Chalcedony gemstone necklace. Chalcedony belongs to the quartz group of minerals. It was used in ancient times by Egyptians, Greeks and Romans for jewellery and its name may have been derived from the Greek City of Chalcedony. This necklace is most unusual because the stone has been cut into graduated pear-shaped Briolettes which is a beautiful and elegant faceted gemstone cut. The gemstones are on a 21 cm string ranging and from 10 to 20mm each sone. They hang from an attractive adjustable silver chain to allow it to be worn at a variety of lengths from 44.5 cm to 49cm.

Citrine Gemstone beads with Silver.

£ 56.00
This chunky necklace is made up of eight strands of Yellow Citrine chips then silver hoops gather these strands together. The strands feed into two silver cones at the back with chain attached and clasp to make it adjustable in length.  

Faceted Citrine & Square Rutile Quartz Necklace set with Silver

£ 90.00
This very sparkly gemstone necklace comprises of three strings of  faceted yellow citrine and to one string I have added

Handmade Azurite Malachite with Silver Beaded Necklace

£ 82.50
Azurite-malachite is a blend of two popular gems formed of deep blues and greens that compliment superbly I have combined them with other small lapis beads and silver beads.

Handmade Silver Lightening Strike Jasper Gemstone Necklace

£ 45.00
  • Collectors Gemstone Jasper Necklace
  • Lightening strike of delicate shades of reddish pink and black.
  • Hand-cut gemstone in Idar-Oberstein Germany.
  • Pattern in the stone is complemented with a two claw setting
  • The gemstone measures 4.5cm x 2.5cm.
  • The pendant is attached it to a firm silver collar.
  •  Collar measures  36 to 40 cm approximately .

Handmade Sterling Silver Ginkgo textured Chain with Pearls

£ 216.00
The silver links on this chain have been formed using the texture of a leaf from a Ginkgo tree. Between some of the links I have used fresh water pearls 7-10mm each which are cream, blue and green in shade. The chain is 1cm wide and 103 cm long which enables you to wear it long or wrap it round twice for a shorter necklace. I have made a matching toggle clasp which is easy to open.

Red Hematoid Quartz Nugget Necklace with Silver

£ 45.50
This necklace consists of beautiful freeform Hematite crystals. The Inclusions in the gemstones give lovely patterns. The beads are in hues of orange, red and pink.  It is very delicate looking and most unusual. I have placed silver torpedo like silver beads in the necklace for contrast. Approximatley 45cm Long and each nugget is about 1cm in diameter.