Alliums have always been a firm favourite of mine ever since I brought home my first bulbs from the flower market in Amsterdam some years ago. They are known as ornamental onions which have showy flower heads in a variety of purple shades. Having seen them created in metal as a garden ornament, my mind turned as to how I could make jewellery from these great flower balls. When they die back in late August, I have noticed that they separate leaving a collection of individual dried flowers. I harvested the dried flower heads and set about electroforming them in my workroom. I was hoping that I could coat the whole head with copper. However, the individual flowers separated, which was a perfect start for me to begin my journey of creating a variety of allium based jewellery which I hope you like.

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Allium Earrings Silver with Gold

£ 45.00
These are a single  Allium flower to form stud earrings sterling silver washed with gold vermeil inside to create a contrast. 8mm in diameter.

Sterling Silver Allium Silver Earrings

£ 35.00
Sterling single Allium flower ear studs measuring 8mm in diameter

Silver Allium Pendant

£ 55.00
This silver Allium wreath pendant is 2.5 cm in diameter comprising of five individual flowers. The pendant can be hung from a chain or torque which can be supplied separately.