I like to source a variety of different or unusual gemstones, and you will find them here in this category but be warned they may be a one-off. I also create some silver pieces which are a one-off and, I don’t feel I can recreate again.

So if you love an item in this category, purchase it because there may not be another!

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Amethyst and Garnet seed bead necklace with Silver

£ 120.00
This very sparkly gemstone necklace comprises of faceted stones one string of deep purple Amethysts and four strings of plumb coloured Garnets. I have chosen different sized silver Navette beads to intermingle with the gemstone beads for a contemporary look. The strands lead up into two cones from which I have attached a clasp and chain so the necklace can be worn at different lengths. Approximately 51cm to 54cm long.  

Aqua Opal Gemstone Earrings with Silver

£ 45.00
These Opal earrings will go with all most anything they are milky green/aqua are beautiful and hang from a brushed silver studs. The Opals are 1.5 cm x 1cm approximately  

Azurite Malachite with Silver Beaded Necklace

£ 110.00 £ 82.50
Azurite-malachite is a blend of two popular gems formed of deep blues and greens that compliment superbly I have combined them with other small lapis beads and silver beads.

Blue diamond with Opal Doublet Earrings set in silver

These are blue diamonds set next to a pair of beautiful blue/ green Opal doublets. They are approximately 3cm long

Chalcedony Briolette Necklace

£ 400.00 £ 280.00
This is a blue Chalcedony gemstone necklace. Chalcedony belongs to the quartz group of minerals. It was used in ancient times by Egyptians, Greeks and Romans for jewellery and its name may have been derived from the Greek City of Chalcedony. This necklace is most unusual because the stone has been cut into graduated pear-shaped Briolettes which is a beautiful and elegant faceted gemstone cut. The gemstones are on a 21 cm string ranging and from 10 to 20mm each sone. They hang from an attractive adjustable silver chain to allow it to be worn at a variety of lengths from 44.5 cm to 49cm.

Citrine Gemstone beads with Silver.

£ 80.00 £ 56.00
This chunky necklace is made up of eight strands of Yellow Citrine chips then silver hoops gather these strands together. The strands feed into two silver cones at the back with chain attached and clasp to make it adjustable in length.  

Cream and Grey Peacock Pearl Necklace

£ 180.00
Cream and Grey/Peacock Coloured Kersh shaped freshwater pearls approximately 5mm in diameter with high lustre. Six silver balls and a ball clasp to complement the Pearls. The clasp and beads have pattern etched on to the surface and then highlighted with gold .

Cubed Labradorite and Silver necklace

£ 50.00 £ 40.00
I purchased these gemstones whist in Germany from one of my favourite gemstone dealers as I have always liked cubes. I have kept the design uncluttered by placing four cubes of the same size off centre.

Etched Silver Ball with gold

£ 60.00
This silver ball is versatile with how it can be worn not only because of its mixed silver and gold but can be worn either on a long chain which will supplied with it or a shorter chain so it hangs just below collar. Making this was a pleasure as it took me back to my silversmithing days as some of the skills it required I had learnt then. Cutting two circles out is silver the same and doming them. Before I soldered the two halves together I etched a pattern in to the silver using acid and then to highlight this I have used a gold wash. The ball measures 15mm includes a fine silver chain

Faceted Citrine and Square Rutile Quartz Necklace set with Silver

£ 120.00 £ 90.00
This very sparkly gemstone necklace comprises of three strings of  faceted yellow citrine and to one string I have added

Green Fluorite and Frosted SilverEarrings

£ 40.00
These earrings are made with Fluoride I have added silver discs and hung them from a frosted silver ball. appropriate drop 3cm

Heterosite gemstone dangle sterling silver earrings

£ 90.00
These earrings are made of Heterosite a purple mineral which was recognised as a mineral in 1826 and is a manganese phosphate. As is typical of the Germans they have cut these stones beautifully into smooth elongated teardrops 40mm long. I have made silver ear studs from my American Oak cup collection to hang them from making them 55mm long in total.

Larimar gemstone dangle earrings with sterling silver

£ 125.00
These earrings are made of Larimar which is also known as Stefillia’s Stone or Dolphin stone it is a rare blue variety of silicate mineral pectolite found only in the Dominican Republic. As is typical of the Germans these stones are beautifully cut and are smooth onion dome shape 15mm long. I have made ear studs out of frosted silver cubes making them 30mm long in total.

Lightening Strike Jasper Gemstone Necklace

£ 85.00
I love the lighting strike of delicate shades of reddish pink and black going through the middle. To complement the pattern in the stone I have secured it in the setting with two claws. I have attached it to a firm collar. The gemstone measures 4.5cm x 2.5cm. Collet 36 to 40 cm apparently

Mibres Picture Jasper Pendant set in silver

£ 60.00
This Mibres Jasper is from Mexico displaying silhouetted landscape the colours are dark red or maroon with occasional greys and white. I have set the stone behind a solid silver shell I have made using a Limpet I found on Daimler Bay in Cornwall. Approximate length  4.5cm and width 3.5 cm

Mother of Pearl dangling earrings with sterling silver

£ 80.00
These earrings are made of Mother of Pearl which has a beautiful lustre. As is typical of the Germans these stones are beautifully cut and are smooth onion dome shape 15mm long. I have made ear studs out of frosted silver oval buttons making them 35 mm long in total.

Ocean Jasper and Silver Necklace

£ 70.00 £ 52.50
Ocean Jasper necklace with shades of colours greens, greys,  creams and golden tones. They are irregular in shape and have been arranged at the front of the necklace spaced with twig shaped pieces of silver. I have then attached them to a hollow silver hoop and it fastens with a hook and eye at the back. Approximate length 46cm

Picture Jasper Barrel Beads set with silver.

£ 85.00 £ 59.50
These beautiful Picture Jasper Beads are a combination of cream, grey, black, taupe and one bead has a few spots of plum. This necklace necklace would look very good worn with neutral colours. I have use silver cones to add some sparkle.  

Pink and Black Rhodonite Gem stone pendant

£ 65.00
This is a rich pink  Rhondonite  is a semi precious gemstone from Australia. I chose this stone because it reminds me of an abstract painting with lolly pop trees in the foreground. I  purchased it from an excellent gemstone cutter in America and set with a silver setting that I believe complements the markings in the stone.

Pink Oval gemstone Jasper Necklace with Silver

£ 90.00 £ 63.00
This beautiful pink Jasper necklace is made up of graduating oval pebbles ranging from 2.5cm x 2cm up to 4cm x 3cm. They are many shades of soft pink mixed with buttermilk creams. I have placed a large  filigree Silver peddle of centre which measures 4cm x 3cm as a sparkling feature.  The necklace measures 52 cm in length.

Poppy Jasper Coins with Silver Spiral feature

£ 45.00 £ 31.50
This necklace is made up of six Poppy Jasper coins each measuring 3cm in diameter.  They have shades of red, grey, green and sand tones. I have placed a silver spiral at the front. The stones are connected from a small cone on each side then a chain measuring 20cm in length that comes up around the neck. The necklace is adjustable and the total length is 54cm.

Purple Fluoride and frosted Silver earrings

£ 40.00
These earrings are made with purple Fluoride  I have added silver discs and hung them from a silver ball. appropriate drop 2.5cm

Red Amber dangle earrings with sterling silver

£ 150.00
These earrings are made of Amber which has been colour enhanced to give a vibrant red. Red is my favourite colour and I could not resist buying these as they are an amazing shade real eye catchers. As is typical of the Germans these stones are beautifully cut and are smooth elongated teardrops 30mm long. I have used frosted square silver ear studs  and a small frosted ball to hang them from making them 50mm long in total.

Red Bamboo Coral and Silver Necklace

£ 95.00 £ 71.25
Bamboo and Silver Coral Necklace.