Commission only Hydrangea Necklace

£ 340.00


There are twelve hydrangea flowers of mixed size arranged around the front of the necklace leading to four branches which sit comfortably on the back of the neck with a matching toddle clasp.

I have always loved the Bouquet Rose, hydrangea, which I can see from my kitchen window. But, while visiting my friend Lynn’s beautiful garden in the Derbyshire Village of Quarndon, I was truly amazed by the many different varieties of hydrangea: Blue Bonnet, Lanarth White and Hamburg, and many others. However, it was the Bluebird, which captured my attention; a beautiful, large lace cap with rich blue flowers surrounded by pale blue flowers, the leaves of which turn red in, Autumn. This inspired my ‘Lynn’s Garden’ collection.

Each piece of Jane Orton jewellery is hallmarked with the Birmingham assay mark.

please clic on the link to watch hoe I created my Hydrangea collection.


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