Hubi Turquoise necklace with silver

£ 150.00


These beautiful beads are grade AAA Hubei Turquoise from the Hubei province of Northern China. Turquoise is one of the first gem stones known to man used by the Egyptians and Aztecs thousands of years ago. The two mines in Hubei with the finest Turquoise are Yungai which means “a mountain covered in cloud” and the Zhuxi “a Mountain growing plenty of bamboo”. Turquoise is formed when water passes through aluminous rock where minerals such as copper are present. After a period of time the chemicals react within the rock to form Turquoise. I have added silver cones to each end of all the beads and between the spaces I have added small silver twig shaped beads that add movement.
Total Length 60cm. The largest bead is 4.5cm x 3.5cm tapering down to the smallest of 1.7cm x 1cm. This is a statement piece and would look fantastic on any plain top.


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