Turritella Agate and Silver Limpet Pendant

£ 110.00


This is a pendant made from a small silver Limpet shell and then a large silver Limpet shell. Hidden in the rock pools are Limpets attached to rocks around the lower and mid shore. I have always admired the texture of the Limpet shell but always found it impossible to lift them off the rock. So with this in mind when walking along Daimler Bay Cornwall with friends on a beautiful August day, I discovered the tide had washed up lots of Limpet shells, and you could not avoid waking on them. This was an ideal opportunity because I could easily collect as many as I liked. When I was back home I set about making a model to refine it, make sure it would not be too heavy to wear. Using the Keyhole as a feature on the large shell  I decided to set a Turritella Agate in the hole. This is a brown/ black Agate found in the Green River formation of Wyoming. It was formed about 50 million years ago and contains fossil snails that stand out against the browns and blacks. I felt that the fossils in the stone complemented the shell texture.

Measurements approx 7cm long x 3.5cm a chain can be supplied separately .


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