As I so often do, I took the inspiration for this collection while walking our Border Terrier, Ted, in rural Derbyshire. The autumn scenes in our part of the world are particularly striking. Among the many millions of fallen golden leaves, I took a Sycamore because of the strong childhood memories of walking through piles of fallen leaves.

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Sycamore Seed Pendant

£ 40.00
This pendant is moulded from a single sycamore leaf in sterling silver. The chain can be purchased separately.

Sycamore Seed Earrings

£ 40.00
These eye-catching sterling silver earrings are part of my Sycamore Collection that would wear well alongside the Sycamore Necklace.  

Etched Silver Ball with gold

£ 60.00
This silver ball is versatile with how it can be worn not only because of its mixed silver and gold but can be worn either on a long chain which will supplied with it or a shorter chain so it hangs just below collar. Making this was a pleasure as it took me back to my silversmithing days as some of the skills it required I had learnt then. Cutting two circles out is silver the same and doming them. Before I soldered the two halves together I etched a pattern in to the silver using acid and then to highlight this I have used a gold wash. The ball measures 15mm includes a fine silver chain

Faceted Citrine and Square Rutile Quartz Necklace set with Silver

£ 120.00 £ 90.00
This very sparkly gemstone necklace comprises of three strings of  faceted yellow citrine and to one string I have added

Blue diamond with Opal Doublet Earrings set in silver

These are blue diamonds set next to a pair of beautiful blue/ green Opal doublets. They are approximately 3cm long

Silver and Titanium Blue Druse Gemstone Cufflinks

£ 50.00
Cufflinks with sparkling Titanium blue Druse which measure 7mm on top. Approximately  in diameter 2 x 2.5cm