Mookaite Jasper and Silver Keyhole Limpet Shell Earrings

£ 90.00


I was walking along Daimler Bay Cornwall on a beautiful day August day, and the tide had washed up lots of Limpet shells, and you could not avoid waking on them. In the past, I have always admired the texture of these shells but have been unable to prize them off the rocks, so this was an ideal opportunity I could easily collect some. I have used one of the shells I gathered to make a modal and worked to refine it and make it wearable. Using the Keyhole as a feature, I decided to set a stone in the middle. Here I had used a pair of Mookaite Jasper stones from Australia. The colours remind me of rhubarb and custard yellows with red they are 3cm long. If you wish to see great photos of Mookaite in the rock form, please go to outback This is the Australian mining company web page a true must view for gemstone geeks.


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